daa_cwaWith my expertise, I can help you gain actionable insight from your web analytics. Leveraging and maximizing your web analytics helps you better target and serve your customers and ultimately improve your bottom line. I specialize in supporting Google Analytics, IBM Coremetrics and IBM Unica NetInsight solutions and offer services for every phase of the analytics process:


  • Tagging — tag implementation and management for various web analytics solutions, including support for universal tagging, and to track custom online activity
  • Auditing — verification of current web analytics practices to ensure your data collection is correct and you’re maximizing your web resources
  • KPIs and dashboards — based on your specific business needs, identification of key performance indexes (KPIs) and development of custom dashboards to monitor those KPIs
  • Alerts — development of automated alerts to stay on top analytics related events
  • Training — to maximize your web analytics tools and customer metrics
  • Mobile — custom analytics implemenation on mobile-friendly websites and mobile apps
  • EMM — integration with the IBM Unica suite of Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) solutions to fully leverage company resources


  • Insight — providing deeper insight into your website users through segmentation, drill-downs, personas, click-stream analysis, statistical analysis, etc.
  • SEO — search engine optimization (SEO) to help improve the indexing and ranking of websites on search engines
  • Referrals — analysis of your website sources of traffic for lead generation, user profiling, and site optimization
  • Social Networking — use of tools to track and measure the impact of social networking on your websites and brands


  • Usability testing — measurement to ensure your websites provide a positive experience for users
  • A/B and multi-variant testing — removing guesswork and improving conversion rates from content creation through objective testing of alternate designs


  • ROI — to put a value on online changes, return-on-investment (ROI) calculations of online initiatives like pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns
  • Campaigns — carefully measuring campaign conversions to properly identify and act on what works well and what doesn’t

For an evaluation of what we can do to meet your web analytics needs, contact me.